You’re buried in variations of the same data

Generate the products you want on demand
with TileDriver Process Server

Someone asked you for a slight change in color scaling for that NDVI image you spent hours on. Rather than bang your head against the wall next to you, let us suggest an alternative.

What you get with TileDriver Process Server

Index Generation On Demand

Easily generate common index maps like NDVI, NDRE, etc from multispectral imagery. Perform custom “band math” for ultimate flexibility in product output. Choose from hundreds of colormaps and highlight the variability that your customers need to take action.

Apply Your Secret Sauce

Have a proprietary algorithm you use to process data? TileDriver Process Server can be configured to run that code on the fly. Run it in batch mode to process that backlog you’ve been trying to get to.

No limits on data volume or number of users

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